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Create Your Own Morning Devotional

TrueStory shares his personal experience of developing a morning devotional plan that will be a blueprint for starting your morning with God.

Tips for Creating Your Morning Devotional Plan

  1. Wake up 30-35 minutes earlier than your normal time.

  2. Before you start, create your own devotional statement (ie. I will walk by faith and not by sight.)

  3. Create and read aloud your own personalized statement.

  4. Be honest and real! Intimacy is critical.

  5. Choose 3-4 scriptures a month, no less than two scriptures that you NEED to read daily in areas that you NEED to see growth and change where you lack and struggle.

  6. Write down in your own journal what you say out loud if you like. You will recall what you write more than what you say.

  7. Talk out loud.

  8. Read and reread each scripture one at a time and “personalize” each one to your life.

  9. Apply what you need the scriptures to do/change in you. Take each scripture to places in your life that need healing, strength, encouragement, and power! Be honest and real!

  10. Take your time and do not rush your morning devotional. Quality not quantity is paramount. Each morning is a moment you want to remember and recall forever.

  11. Find and use the same place every morning for your devotional. Make it you altar and meeting place with God.

12. Search for experiences throughout your day that will prove the scriptures to you.

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