TrueStory is spreading the word of Jesus Christ through the art of Holy Hip Hop for close to 20 years. He ia blessed with multiple gifts that have been utilized in the areas of ministry, acting, poetry and music.  TrueStory centers his focus and fire to bringing ministry back to the forefront by providing high energy praise, heartfelt worship and a revelation of God’s word through the Christian rap music. He truly believes that the anointing is critical to be impactful and effective at whatever you do for God!


The single mother's only child suffered the greatest pain anyone could ever experience. After years of  prayers and fastening, God called his mother home to glory. Although the pain was unbelievably excruciating TrueStory told God “your purpose is more important than my pain. I’ll continue on “Weeping But Walking!” and he has done just that! He has ministered his gift at the Potters House of Dallas, Tx and various ministry events around state.  


His motto is “if you find a favorite song then I didn’t do my job! Every song is a single!” 

His latest release “Based on a TrueStory” is a double album that preaches passionate yet painful praise to percussion in EVERY song! It’s a story that you’ll experience through music. After all he has suffered...he’s still standing with a story to tell. A story that will pull tears from your eyes and still cause you to lift the hands of your heart in praise and worship! 

TrueStory and his wife reside in Fort Worth, TX.  He is available to minister at your next event.


“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with TrueStory on many of his songs! His creativity and song writing speaks volumes about his passion for his craft!” Maurice L. Brown 

“Just listened to the mix-tape “It’s A W.R.A.P.” I see and hear very good lyrics, content and features were excellent! Felt like I just sat through a hip-hop sermon with high energy and dope beats! Keep pushing bro! You’re so close to your destiny!” Kinfolk D-Ray

Based on a TrueStory is available on all digital music media Spotify, iTunes, Google Music Play, Amazon Music, etc.